At AARG, we work with you to improve your performance and enhance the productivity of your business. For over 50 years, our expert automotive consultants have applied their deep knowledge of the market to assist dealers, brokers, distributors and manufacturers to streamline their processes and improve their profitability.

Whether you want to launch a new vehicle in a global market or search for a very specific model at a reasonable price – no matter what your unique needs are, at AARG, we can customize our service to meet your needs. To learn detailed solutions get in touch with us.


If you need advice with any aspect of buying and selling vehicles, look no further. We specialize in: brand and price comparisons, advising about Lease versus Buy programs, market and safety research, running vehicle locates, informing you about the trims and packages of models, finding you the best available vehicles, and much more. Additionally, we make things easy for you by handling paperwork and delivery – you tell us what you need and we’ll find a way to get it for you in the most cost-effective way.


At AARG, our mission is to make finding and buying your ideal vehicle as easy, transparent, and cost-effective as possible. We have a global network of franchise and independent dealers, giving us the ability to find your desired vehicle at a very competitive price.

We stay informed – our worldwide verified network provides daily updates on vehicle availability and price fluctuations. AARG understands that a vehicle is a significant purchase, and works on your behalf to find you what you’re looking for at the right price.


Do you have unused inventory? Whether it’s one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, we can redistribute your new and used vehicles through our network of brokers and dealers. AARG’s large international footprint gives us the ability to market and sell your inventory globally, finding you the best price for your automobiles.


AARG can help you quickly and efficiently maximize your vehicle remarketing efforts. Through our large, fast-acting, and reliable global independent dealer and broker network, we’ll find you buyers who are looking to purchase available in your fleet vehicles. By working with us, you’ll be able to sell your overstock worldwide, freeing your financing, minimizing or avoiding losses and giving you peace of mind.


AARG works with various vendors to improve and offer the most suitable and competitive business finance model. We offer financial strategy, capital market analysis, and direct source capital financing for letters of credit and vehicle inventory acquirement with our captive flexible financing partners. We strive to fulfill business orders in the preferred accounting period.


Establishing relationships with reliable suppliers can help ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible. We offer supplier and vendor credit verification services and business reference verification. Through our membership with various professional associations and our affiliation with the worldwide government agencies, we can ensure you’re partnering with reputable companies with good credit histories.


When it comes to delivering your vehicles to the right place at the right time, you need to work with a company you can really count on. We have the ability to safely and timely pack, document, and deliver your order to any part of the world with minimal cost. We can also handle custom clearance and government compliance. We work only with verified vendors with extensive experience. AARG has the scale, resources, and experience to provide you with hassle-free cost effective logistics support.


Selling vehicles in international markets can be daunting for distributors because automotive safety and government standards vary greatly around the world. Our services include consulting and research to identify the required standard for your target market, finding you accredited testing facilities, help you get appropriate documentation and obtain permits for your vehicles. Not only that – we can also configure your vehicles to bring them up to code.


When you are planning to bring a new automotive product to the competitive market AARG can make the evaluation easier by providing you with a comprehensive market analysis of the targeted countries. In addition to assessing legal, social and political variables we’ll provide you with the compliance requirements for the region. Our services will help you define strategies, plan and account cost of market entry, find growth pathways, establish a clearly-identifiable brand and design a customer-focused product development strategy.


At AARG, we understand our customers various requirements and preferences when it comes to the armored vehicles. We house a broad variety of armored vehicles with different levels of security from some of the largest upfitters in the world. The usage of the new technology by our manufacturing facilities offers seamless and discreet armoring mechanisms installations with the attention to region’s legislation standards and your custom specifications. We offer functional vehicles, which save lives.